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Thank you for your continuous trusted use and interest in Better Health Lab and our products! Water supports life. In fact 70% of our body is composed of water. This is why BHL believes that a source of clean, balanced, mineral-rich water is crutial to maintain optimum health.


Better Health Lab Inc.

Who We Are?

About Better Health Lab Inc.

Better Health Lab Inc.’s mission is to fulfill the needs of people wanting to improve their health and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Founded in 1994, our mission at Better Health Lab has been to fulfill the needs of people wanting to improve a healthier lifestyle.

In 1994, we began our research and development of our alkaline mineral dietary supplement. The result was Alkazone®, our pH Booster Drop. Alkazone® Alkaline Booster contains potassium bicarbonate as its base ingredient, along with Aminozone.

In 1996, we introduced our first antioxidant alkaline water fountain. These water ionizers have helped thousands of people achieve a more balanced diet that have allowed them to live longer and healthier lives. With the knowledge gained from 50 years of Japanese research and development, BHL is able to move ahead in perfecting the techniques to create the most superior water ionizers.

In 2010, we launched our newest and most exciting product: Alkazone® bottled Antioxidant Water. This is not just another typical bottled water. It is a new category of water.