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Why Drop Ship with Alkazone ?


Here are some of the reason’s you should drop ship with Alkazone !


  • No overhead costs
  • No hidden fees
  • Same or next day shipping of your product
  • Scale your business quickly
  • Product stock quantities updated daily
  • Vendor Support
  • Customer Support
  • Low Drop Ship Fees
  • Shipping & Order Tracking Portal ( CSV Clients Only)

Drop Shipping Program :


If you are a larger business that has the technical resources, then our Drop Ship Program may be perfect for you. However we also took into consideration that not everyone is tech savy so we’ve even found a way to accommodate even the smallest of businesses .


We use 2 methods to communicate from your store to ours .


*Please note each method is priced differently based on set up and maintenance required*


CSV Upload :


With this method you would download a CSV from your website for orders that are to be shipped out by Alkazone ,either daily or as needed throughout the week.

The download would need to be formatted with the parameters we need to upload

into our system. ( A sample spreadsheet will be provided for you as a guideline. )  

These orders are to be loaded into your shipping portal. If the upload is done from your end , there will be no admin fee . (see cost below for admin upload fee per upload) You will have access to this dedicated shipping portal so you can refer to your customers orders and retrieve any shipping information needed.


Manual :   


This method is more for the person that does not have the technical resources or volume to warrant the setup of the above method. An email with full customer details

and items to be shipped would be sent for our staff to manually enter into our system.

We must have your credit card on file in order for a manual setup to be arranged. All

orders will be billed prior to shipping , minus percentage owed to you as per agreed

wholesale pricing. Tracking for all shipments will be provided.




*** All above methods of drop shipping will carry a $1.30 handling charge per package


** All above methods of drop shipping will incur Shipping charges of carriers used such

as USPS , UPS & FedEx (Shipping charges vary based on package weight and dimensions)


*  All above methods of drop shipping will carry a Packaging material fee of .15 Cents.


Service Pricing :


CSV Upload Manual Site to Site
$10 Per Month( Portal ) Not Applicable Not Available Yet
.75 Cents Per CSV Upload

( If Upload is done by Alkazone)

.75 Cents per order upload

(not per csv *per order sent)

Not Available Yet
$1.30 Drop Ship Handling Fee / per package $1.30 Drop Ship Handling Fee / per package Not Available Yet
.15 Cents Per package /

Packaging Material

.15 Cents Per package /

Packaging Material

Not Available Yet
Shipping Rate as Billed Shipping Rate as Billed Not Available Yet


** Shipping rate as billed means you will be billed the price that the carrier has billed us  : i.e. – USPS , Fed Ex , UPS