Be Smarter. Drink Antioxidant water.

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Antioxidant water

Alkazone is the result of years of research and development since 1994. As a true pioneer in this field, Better Health Lab has formulated it’s products to contain essential alkaline minerals (i.e. potassium, calcium and magnesium) along with natural trace minerals derived from ancient marine sources, and antioxidants like selenium and zinc (zinc acts as an antioxidant in the body.) Alkazone contains virtually ZERO sodium, which is undesirable in many of people’s diets today. Also, unlike other pH balancing supplements, Alkazone is odor free and has no taste when added to water, and can also be added to other beverages to offset acidity. By adding 3-4 drops to one serving of purified water, the pH of the water will be raised to around 9.5.
At 5 servings per day, one bottle of Alkazone will last around 40 days.
Since many of our distributors are holistic doctors, we get an opportunity to speak to people daily about their results with Alkazone.
All our ionizers can be connected directly to the cold water line through your counter top or directly to a diverter valve at the end of your faucet. Connecting directly to your faucet takes about 5 minutes and enables your water ionizer to use a two step process. The first task is to help filter out harmful components of the water: chlorine, trihalomethanes, phenols, sediment, odor, taste, organic waste, and bacteria of all kinds. The Alkazone® achieves this by the use of a multistage activated carbon filter containing tourmaline and calcium. Next, a small electrical charge is introduced into the water through platinum-coated titanium electrodes. The process of electrolysis that follows takes place in chambers designed to separate the water into two streams (acid and alkaline) of ionized water. The acid water makes up about 30% of the water and the alkaline antioxidant water about 70%.

Positively charged ions gather at the negative electrode to create “reduced water”, which concentrates available alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium from the source water. This clean, alkaline ionized water is drawn for drinking and cooking, through the main stainless spout.

Negatively charged ions gather at the positive electrode to make oxidized water, which concentrates acid minerals such as nitrates, sulfides, chlorides, and fluorides from the source water. This acidic ionized water can be used for external uses. It is discharged down the drain if not needed.

A range of pH settings from neutral to very alkaline or very acid is available at the touch of a button. The electrodes are cleaned in an automatic cleaning cycle.

Regular tap water is best. Distilled water or water filtered by reverse osmosis does not have any minerals, therefore it cannot be ionized. The mineral content of your source water directly affects the strength of ionized water you can produce. The more minerals, the stronger the ionization: higher alkalinity and higher antioxidant potential. Very high calcium levels in the water can cause scale build up which called calcium deposit (CaCo3).
Unlike Reverse Osmosis (RO) and distillation, which remove all minerals leaving the water dead and acidic ionized water concentrates health giving alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium, after removing harmful contaminants. Water from RO and distillation is very acid (pH 4.5-6.5) and so contributes to the over acidity of our bodies. Alkaline antioxidant water helps counteract acid / alkaline imbalance. Because RO and Distilled waters are mineral deficient and strongly acid, there are warnings from a number of physicians not to drink them on a sustained basis. While RO and distilled waters are strongly oxidizing, alkaline ionized water is a proven powerful antioxidant, equivalent to fresh squeezed orange juice (without the sugar).

Having been completely demineralized, RO, distilled water, and most bottled waters are flat tasting. The tastiness of water from Alkazone® ionizers is one of its most immediate qualities: it brings delighted responses from everyone! Along with this are the superior hydrating qualities due to the ionization. This same ionization happens in nature when water glides over rocks and waterfalls.

Furthermore, let’s compare the ongoing costs: In home RO water is approximately 20% more expensive than ionized water. In-home distillation is 700-1000% more expensive than ionized water. Bottled water is more expensive than RO or distilled water.

Alkazone® water ionizers provide, at the push of a button, water that varies from mildly alkaline to highly alkaline. This enables you to accustom yourself gradually to higher levels of alkaline drinking water (e.g. pH8.5 to 9.5). You should start slowly at the lowest alkaline setting and work your body way up to higher levels and amounts. If you experience any discomfort from detoxification, just move back to the previous level. It also allows different members of the family to dial up their preferred level. The highest levels of alkalinity are also used for cooking.

In addition, there is a button for water that is “purified only” and not ionized. Its pH level will be close to the level of your regular tap water. This water is for those taking medicines that should not be combined with alkaline antioxidant water.

Remember: the pH level of your ionized water will vary depending on the pH level of your water source, i.e. your tap water. In addition, if you wish to make the water more alkaline or more acidic, simply slow down the flow of the water, and the pH level will change by approximately a value of 1. A simple to use pH test drop is included with every Alkazone® water ionizer.

Yes it is. All Alkazone® bottles are 100% BPA free. They are PETE bottles (Polyethylene terephthalate).
Yes. Alkazone Mineral drop is gluten free. Actually, Alkazone mineral drops have nothing to do with gluten.
All Alkazone® water ionizers come with a two (2) year warranty. We conduct all servicing at our factory in New Jersey. Please contact our customer service representative for further help.
We offer a 30 day Risk-Free trial period for Alkazone® water ionizers. If you are not satisfied, you can return the unit to us for a refund (restocking fee maybe apply). Call us Toll-free 1-800-810-1888 for shipping instructions and to receive a Return Authorization Number.
One filter produces approximately 1000 gallons (or about 3,800 liters) of water. We estimate for a family of four, a filter may last about 6-8 months depending on the frequency of consumption.
Your water ionizer comes with an adapter kit which will fit most traditional outlets but may not fit some of the designer taps which have pull out handles with a flexible hose. Give us a call and have a talk about your requirements before ordering. It is actually simpler than most water ionizers and far simpler than setting up your DVD! You attach the sturdy diverter valve to your faucet; attach the supplied hose to the diverter, and the other end to the inlet valve. Another hose attaches to the ionizer to allow the astringent (acid) water out of the Filter.