BHL 3700




* No Hose attached to the faucet, connect the water-in hose directly to under sink
* Comprehensive 6 level filtration system.
* Ion purity ensures through complete sealing to prevent alkaline and acidic waters from mixing.
* Wide pH selection range.

* Conveniently dispenses acidic water.
* Enhanced life expectancy and safety with built-in electronic surge and spire protection.
* Dualinstallation (countertop or wall mount options).
* Effortless filter changing system.
* Automatic Self-Cleaning function enhances the life expectancy of the device.
* Alkaline -Acidic reversal system.
* Voice Messaging System.

Filters :

* ArtificialIntelligence MICOM Control: the central processing unit (CPU) controls every function of the machine including the pH concentration level.
* Automatic Water Flow Sensor: this measures
the rate of water flow into the machine and triggers warning lights to come on when the water flow
rate is out of the optimalrange.
* Self-Cleaning Function:AlkazoneĀ® cleans itself automatically after every 10 liters of water passage.
* Rinse /Drain Function.
* Super Convenient Water Ionizer.
* Fully automatic operation.
* Platinum Titanium Electrolytic Cell. Platinum titanium electrodes are utilized for effective reduction of water cluster.
* Phonetic Prompt for Filter Replacement.

Filter(s) Capabilities : ( See Picture Diagram )

  • Rust Stain Removal
  • Sand Removal
  • Improves Taste
  • Organic Matter Removal
  • Odor Removal
  • Chlorine Removal
  • Heavy Metal Removal
  • Minut Substance Removal
  • Low Mineral Enhancement

Three stage
1) mechanical to 1 micron
2) Granular activated carbon,
3) Silver impregnated granular activated
carbon (bacteriostatic).


System description: Water electrolysis machine with built-in replaceable filter cartridge.
Model number : BHL-3700
Water Source : Municipal water supply
Power supply: AC 120V, 60Hz, IA
Dimensions : 11 (W) X 14.2 (H) X 5-5 (D) in.
Max. Water Temp : 80 F


Installation: Counter top (5″ by 10″ footprint), or wall mount.
Method: Continuous Electrolysis
Capacity : 3 Qts gallon / min
Method: Alkaline Water Level : 1-5
Acidic Water Level : 1-2
Self-Cleaning : Automatic Self Cleaning every 2.5 gallons
of water passing once the power is off Cleaning : 30 sec, Draining : 20 sec
Electrolytic Cell: Platinum Titanium
Replacement Filter :Cartridge Type
Capacity: About 1000 gallons
Self-Cleaning: Filter Life
Filter Material : Non woven, PP filter, Clinical grade activated carbon, silver impregnated