Filter PRE-SR


Regular pre filter system with filter cartridge



Technical Information for Regular Pre-Filter System

The Premium Series mixed bed De-dusted Coconut Shell Cartridge are constructed of 100% FDA approved materials and have two Buna 70 washers to insure a tight seal. Materials are tightly packed into a sixty cubic inch filter to prevent channeling. These cartridges are used for Pre-filter system applications for municipally treated water.

The Coconut Shell Granulated Activated Carbon is manufactured under specially controlled conditions. These units are designed for drinking water purification. It is particularly effective in removing chlorine, chloramines, TCE, PCE, THMs, phenols, pesticides, detergents, tastes and odor from water.

De-dusting carbon reduces carbon fine in the initial flushing of the cartridge.

Your results may differ and should be verified by actual tests on subject water.

Regular filter cartridge for Regular pre filter system

Weight: 15 ounces

Capacity: 11,000 gallons@ 2.2ppm chlorine

Pre filter: 5 micron spun-wound polypropylene

Post filter: 5 micron spun-wound polypropylene

Flow rate: 1.0 gpm