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Earn Points for Rewards Alkazone Online Shop

At Alkazone Online Shop, we don’t believe you should ever have to pay full price for the products and services you need and want. When saving money is your top priority, our online reward program will help you get the best prices possible on everything from bottled water to mineral drops to replacement filters. You’ll shop like a pro – and save more money than you ever thought possible on the products you love.


At Alkazone Online Shop, we know exactly how challenging staying on budget can be. That’s why we want to make our online reward programs your go to source for savings, deals and opportunity. Join Alkazone Online Shop, shop like a pro and find out how we make getting the products you want at the prices you need!

You may receive points on products you purchase at any of the participating products. However, certain products are not eligible for receiving points.

Reward points you get

Earn 1reward point for every dollar you spend online (5 cents cash value).

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