Be Smarter. Drink Antioxidant water.

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What People Are Saying About Alkazone Water!

The easiest way to alkalize your diet! Feel the benefits for yourself. Tea and coffee tastes better too! Alkazone supplies valuable minerals in the form of a colorless, odorless, and tasteless drop that can be added to water.
  • Alkaline water provides the minerals the body needs to buffer excess acidity from the metabolism of food.
  • You will feel the difference.

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Written Testimonial

Better Health Lab, Inc., also sells a product called Alkaline Booster—tasteless, colorless, liquid mineral drops that you add to your water. Three or four drops can have the same alkalinizing benefits as the entire water ionizing system attached to your kitchen sink. Alkaline Booster is ideal for travel and can easily fit in your purse. For best results, I recommend using these drops at the same time you supplement with an alkalinizing agent, such as the sodium/potassium bicarbonate blend I mentioned earlier.
— Dr. Susan Lark, DrLark.com
Make your charged water more alkaline! The ideal is to purchase a micro-water unit, coral calcium bags, or use a product called Alkaline Booster by ALKAZONE® (see Resources, p. 255 to order). All of these methods will raise the water to a pH of 10 or higher. Highly alkaline water rinses waste from the body at the cellular level.
The cell lives an extraordinarily long life, almost appearing to be immortal, when all waste can properly be eliminated from it. Drink 6-8 glasses a day and watch yourself youth.
— Anne Jubb and Dr. David Jubb, LifeFood Recipe Book: Living on Life Force


My name is Zoe, I met you yesterday at Organico. I am a dancer and next year I am attending Elon University to perform at a pre-professional level. Every time I have a tour or many hours of dance class I drink Alkazone water. It is an absolute life saver. It stays cold for a long time without being refrigerated, always has a clean, crisp, refreshing taste and is very hydrating. I never cramp up anymore. I am so glad we are selling this water at Organico.

— Zoe Ross-Nash

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