We had a great time at the World Dog Expo this weekend in Secaucus, NJ . We were extra excited to be a part of the show with the launch of our new Alkaline Pet Water.  Timing is everything and what a great venue to be a part of and have so many taste testers on hand.  The response was overwhelming and the dogs loved our water!

We have been in the Alkaline Water business for 25 years so you can say we are experts in the field.  In the past few years however a new customer was barking at us -sort of speak!  Dogs love our Antioxidant Alkaline Water so why not make one for them!  We formulated a new ratio of our unique mineral blend and specialized for their needs.  You may ask why should I give my pet Alkaline Pet Water, and it’s not just for dogs- all animals may benefit from our water.  One of our favorite sayings is “not all water is created equal.”  So why give your pets water that may be void of key nutrients or worse give water that is full of contaminants.  Just like our Alkazone Antioxidant Water the Alkaline Pet Water goes through similar purification and filtration methods removing all impurities.  Alkazone adds in essential minerals unique to our water and for our pets.  The result is clean, crisp infused mineral water with a pH of 9.5 that your pets will love.  And an added bonus, not only is the water good for your pets immune system but it may help control lawn spots!  All good things you can feel good about!  Once they taste it, they will be hooked!  Check out our newest fan club!

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