2019 is a big year for Alkazone – it’s our 25th anniversary! This year has been a reflection on how far our company has come, the family it has created, and the relationships we have built with our customers over the past 25 years. And to celebrate the big 25 Alkazone took a big step and crossed over into the Pet Channel with the introduction of the first Alkaline Pet Water to hit the market!

Our company is founded by Robert Kim in the early 1990s with a core mission to improve health through pH balance. After finding success in the textile industry, Mr. Kim took time to travel back to his home country of Korea. When he returned back to the states he had a new vision, an idea that has been adopted in the Asian Culture for over 50 years. Many people specifically in Japan and Korea own alkaline water ionizers – they even equip hospitals with them. Mr. Kim wanted to bring this system to the states to improve the health of the American people. He brought this idea and created his own company and innovations in a category that did not exist in the US Market. His ideas, his innovation, his style only come from him. His originality, authenticity is a story that needs to be told. Mr. Kim was/is beyond his time

Over the years, we have significantly expanded our products to include so much more than could have been imagined when our founders started the business.
A huge thank you to our incredible retailors and customers – your loyalty and trust in us throughout the years allows us to push our boundaries and challenges us to strive for excellence in all that we do. The relationships our company has built – and will continue to build – with each of our customers will always be our number one motivator for success.

Being in business for 25 years would not have been possible without the amazing people within our organization. We are incredibly thankful for the hard work and dedication from our employees and are so appreciative to be able to work with each of them every day. This milestone would not be possible without them.

As the story of our company continues, we honor our beginnings and the people who have made this company what it is today. We continue the legacy of finding products that help support pH balance. We are proud of the progress we have made and are thrilled to see what the future holds for our company. Here’s to making an even bigger difference over the next 25 years!