Our team had the pleasure to visit Shanghai early this month to exhibit at the Natural Health and Nutrition Expo (NHNE).  Preparing for a show overseas takes time and thoroughness.  The obvious challenge is the communication barrier.  We connected with an agency who was able to pair us with an excellent interpreter and hostess.  We also had our marketing materials, banners, displays, etc. translated to Chinese.  Every detail was taking care of by our great team.  The flight from Newark to Shanghai took 14 hours and surprisingly did not feel as though a day was lost.  We arrived in Shanghai and got busy preparing for the show.  The National Exhibition and Convention Center is the largest exhibition complex, making it one of the landmark buildings in Shanghai. Interesting fact, the building was co-built by Ministry of Commerce of China and Shanghai Municipal Government.  It is a massive building in which hosts several shows at one time.

The reason why we chose NHNE is because it is the largest expo focusing on natural health and nutrition products in Asia.  It is the leading platform in China where exhibiting brands may meet key wholesalers, distributors, chain drugstores and online pharmacies operating in the country.  Our goal as a company was to open new markets for global sales network across multiple Asian countries and beyond.  We were proud to bring Alkazone to China and promote our great brand in hopes to develop new business channels.

Over the past few years, China’s natural health and nutrition industry has experienced an average year-on-year increase of nearly 20% and is projected to further expand.  Our booth was housed in the USA Pavilion.  We met some great neighbors including  Sprinjene Toothpaste, that was also from New Jersey, Las Vegas Diet~ a fat burning supplement company and Matsun, a private label supplement manufacturer from Nevada. We also met Christian Koschil and Yaoyi Wang from the U.S. Consulate General Shanghai whom hosted USA DAY, a full day of events that included discussions on industry trends, challenges for dietary supplements cross-border eCommerce and a joint showcase of US companies.  Sadly, though there was not a big US presence this may be due to the uncertainty to the ongoing trade war and opaque political situation.  Overall, the three-day expo delivered a big audience not as many as projected but enough to seize the attention from wandering customers, business owners, and partners in this world of natural health.

Shanghai is a beautiful city, the largest and most developed city in China, the country’s main center for finance and fashion, and one of the world’s most populous and important cities.  During our stay we ate at one of the oldest Shanghainese restaurants Lao Zheng Xing, the go-to place for classic Shanghainese dishes such as fried river shrimps and braised pig’s intestines with alfalfa sprouts. Enjoyed by locals, in which several tables occupied by only men that my host shared were making business deals all while sharing a pot of tea.  It was a wonderful experience to feel the heart of the city in a restaurant that focuses on tradition rather than creativity.

Since our return and our recovery from jet lag we are focused on the connections we made with our team busy following up with emails.  Alkazone is a destination brand that too prides itself on the longevity like Lao Zheng, satisfying plates versus the fluff.  As we celebrate 25 years in business and rapidly expanding our footprint across the United States, we are focused on expanding our reach and improving health through pH balance on a global level.