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Alkazone Global Inc.

For over 25 years ALKAZONE has researched and developed the field of antioxidant alkaline water and mineral supplements

with a commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles. Offering products that include our own unique mineral formulation. ALKAZONE Antioxidant Water improves your health by balancing your pH levels. At 9.5 pH, ALKAZONE is a pure, ultra-purified water that taste smooth, clean, and crisp.

Alkaline vs Acidic

Many popular drinks including carbonated beverages, energy drinks and coffee are highly acidic. When we consume these fluids, our bodies are forced to draw upon internal sources of alkaline to neutralize the acids. Surprisingly, much of the water available today is not properly balanced. Alkazone Antioxidant Water® with its pH 9.5+/- provides the minerals and alkalinity we need to counter damaging effects of acidic foods and beverages


Antioxidant Water

Antioxidant water was developed with a custom mineral blend that includes selenium. Selenium is powerful antioxidant that helps fights oxidative stress and defends your body from chronic conditions.  

Luxury At Its Best

Featured Properties

Antioxidants Are One Of The First Lines Of Defense That The Body Employs To Keep
Free Radicals In Check And Prevent Them From Causing A Domino Effect Of Damage On Other Cells.
Alkazone Antioxidant Water Adds The Antioxidant Minerals Selenium
And Zinc To Our Water, Which Have Been Known To Stop The Formation Of Free Radicals.



Mineral Drops

Our drops are the MOST convenient way of transforming plain water to supercharger 9.5 pH Antioxidant water. Each box yields up to 20 gallons. These are travel friendly and environmentally friendly.