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Since 1994, ALKAZONE has been specializing in one thing: the professional manufacturing of antioxidant and alkaline mineral supplements. Our goal is to provide excellent products for improving lifestyles and daily health.

We’ve been the world-leading company in the field of antioxidant and alkaline mineral supplements over 25 years. We’re looking for national and global distributors & partners who share our core mission and vision. Antioxidant water and alkaline mineral supplements are key for promoting healthy lifestyles.

We promise that our research and development will never stop, and the quality of our products will give you a competitive edge.

Our footprint spans 50 states in the United States, and our Customer Service Representatives ensure that you and your customers receive the best service in the business. With ALKAZONE, you get the strength and stability of a large corporation paired with the small-town customer service experience.

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Regional Partnership

ALKAZONE is looking for regional partners in the U.S.A with a core mission of promoting healthy lifestyle through antioxidant and alkaline minerals.

Applications may be emailed to


Instead of purchasing large amounts of inventory, simply partner with us through our Drop Shipping Program and list our merchandise for sale. 

Applications may be emailed to


The ALKAZONE Affiliate Program allows you to market and promote the our alkaline water product offers online. 

We offer a high payout affiliate program and one of the best tracking softwares in our industry.


Direct Purchasing of Foreign Goods 

For the Direct Purchasing of Foreign Goods, ALKAZONE is looking for online business buyers & sellers in foreign country.

Through the partnership, ALKAZONE is able to ship out its product directly to customers who is living outside in the U.S.A, when we get order from our global or local partners.

Applications may be emailed to

PROduct export

We export our water and drops in cooperation with our multi-global distributors & partners.

We are always welcoming new global partners, and if you have any questions regarding partnerships & dealerships, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Applications may be emailed to

Technical Cooperation

Technical Cooperation is created to enable ALKAZONE / Better Health Lab, Inc. to make its know-how and technical expertise available to member countries upon request, drawing from its own resource.

To provide ALKAZONE products with affordable price in foreign country, we are available to be a sponsor with your investment.

Applications may be emailed to

REGIONAL dealership