Faucet Diverter


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Faucet Diverter with coupler.



Faucet Diverter with coupler.


 Faucet Diverter Valve Made From Durable Chrome Plated Brass to Divert Faucet Water to Ionizer connected hose:

  • Compact to Fit Inside Existing Female Threaded Faucet to Act as Faucet Adapter:15/16-27 Female
  • Included Male Threaded Adapter to Convert Faucet: Faucet Diverter 55/64-27 Female — Male Threaded Adapter 55/64-27 Male (bottom) and 15/16-27 Male (top)
  • Easy Way to Divert Water to Faucet Alkaline water for Use with Alkazone Water ionizers
  • 1/2″ Threads for Easy Attachment to Kitchen Sink for Use with ionizer hose. Not Meant for Garden Hose.


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