BHL-4200V Water Ionizer - Alkazone - Antioxidant Water

BHL-4200V Water Ionizer


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The Worlds Leading Water Ionizer is the BHL 4200 Built by Better Health Lab, Inc. Proudly made in the U.S.A.   This ionizers out-performs all other ionizers and earns the nomination of the only Award Winning Water Ionizer on the market. Easily hooks to your home faucet and with in minutes and you can produce a great tasting High 9.5 +/- ph Alkaline Water with ANTIOXIDANTS and ELECTROLYTES .



* 1 Year Full Factory Warrantee (Refurbished product)

Control water on, off on the machine
Creating the best ion water with pH density control by self-diagnosis
Function to mark malfunction by self-diagnosis (Er1 – Er7)
Subdivided pH levels (7 Steps) to improve the range of selections for pH density
Ultra user-friendly ion water machine
Artificial Intelligence Micom method by the megabyte DR semiconductor circuit
One-touch automatic system
Adopted platinum titanium electrode
Accurate filter replacement indicator by water flow
6 step structure for perfect water purifying capability
Possible to make choice depending on class and water quality with the 2 set filter (customize filter setting according to the needs of the user)
Beautiful and elegant design making your kitchen atmosphere great
Showing flow rate with the flow rate sensor (Strong, Weak, Standard) Water Pressure Indicator Light


  • Tap Water Filter (Type A) 5 Micron
  • Tap Water Filter (Type B) 1 Micron
  • (Optional) Tap Water Filter (Hollow Fiber Filter) 0.1 Micron
  • Add-in Mineral Water Filter (recommended for wells, reverse osmosis or places where source water does not have enough minerals to produce alkaline water)

Item: Water ionizer
Model : BHL-4200V
Rated Voltage : AC 120V / 60hz
Water Supply: Direct Connection to the tap water
Main Body: Dimension: 13.8 (W) X 14.2 (H) X 5.9 (D) inches
Weight : 14.5 lbs approx.
Water Pressure: 10 ~ 85 PSI
Water temperature Range: 41 – 95 degree Fahrenheit
Overheating Protection: Two built in temperature sensors
(Automatic reset type)

Electrolytic System:
Type: Serial electrolysis type
Capacity: 3/4 Gallon / min (At water pressure 28 PSI)
Cleansing Type: Automatic cleansing
Electrode: Platinum titanium Electrode

Purifying System:
Filter Replacement: Cartridge type (2 Stages)
Filter Life: Primary: 4 months, Secondary: 6 months
(Based on 5 Gallons / day)
Filter Life Display: LCD number display

Filter Material: Non woven, pp filter, Granular activated carbon, Silver impregnated activated carbon, Calcium, Textile Filter, Hollow fiber membrane filter(Optional).

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