• Every function of the body is monitored and related to the inner flow of water.
  • Water makes up 75 to 85% of the human body and is essential for life for several reasons:
  • Water is a solvent that flushes impurities from our system (Perspiration, urine).
  • Water is a lubricant in our digestive tract (saliva mucus) and in our joints (synovial fluid).
  • Water regulates our body temperature by evaporating sweat on the skin surface to alleviate excess body heat, instead of overheating the body’s cells.
  • Water is essential in the process of electrical exchange on the level of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Good water is a very important factor for our health. We should pay attention not only to drinking water, but also to the water we use for showers and baths. The skin is an organ of elimination and absorption, and so every time we take a shower or we soak in a bath filled with tap water, the skin absorbs chlorine, chemical pollutants, heavy metals and all other additives in the water. Chlorine is the most common additive in water to avoid the proliferation of germs, fungus, bacteria, etc., in water storage and distribution, Is chlorine helpful?

Chlorine is a chemical substance helpful for water purification and conservation by its killing effect. Chlorine is harmful for our organism (skin, hair, mucus membranes, lung membranes etc). Chlorine destroys the vital friendly bacteria in our intestines. Chlorine is responsible for most of intestinal disorders like gas, constipation, diarrhea, and colitis and colon cancer. Chlorine is a carcinogenic substance.


It is important to keep the intestines in good condition to be in good health.

Drinking Water:

It is usually safe to drink eight glasses of water a day; however, in a hot and dry climate with intense physical activity the intake of water will be much more than eight glasses. Dehydration is a common problem in our modern society where fluids and water are so often confused.  A glass of a soft drink does not have the same effect in our organism as a glass of good water. Water is the only element absorbed directly by the digestive tract. Soft drinks and a cup of coffee will start a complex digestive process and will not have the same beneficial hydration effect as water. It is very essential to teach our children the importance of drinking water and to educate their taste for good water. Chlorine at room temperature has a specific smell and taste but is without smell or taste when cold. Here is the trap: usually ice cubes are made with tap water with a high content of chlorine, and when they melt inyour drink you will absorb a harmful dose of chlorine.


Water for bath and shower

When we take a hot shower with regular tap water, we absorb through our skin and lung membranes the equivalency of the chlorine contained in eight glasses of water. Solution for drinking water:

Good drinking water must:

  • Be free of chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals.
  • Be free of heavy metals
  • Contain minerals dissolved in it
  • Be alkaline (PH 7.5 minimum)
  • Contain a negative electricity charge

Several studies examine longevity in the Ukraine, the Himalayas, and Peru, where some people stay active and in excellent overall health over 100 years. A constant fact about their longevity is the quality of the water.

The water they drink has the same characteristics:

  • PH8 to 9
  • Rich in minerals
  • A negative electric charge -400 mv to -500 mv

The good news is that in the USA we are lucky enough to have on the market a filter, which adds all these good qualities. This water ionizing system was first introduced in Japan some 30 years ago. Scientists in Japan and throughout Asia are continuously studying, researching and testing the effects of alkaline water in the human body. It has been found that alkaline water neutralizes the acidity produced internally as a result of daily stress, Poor diet, and excessive exercise. Since most of the foods we eat create acid waste, it is important to drink alkaline water in order to maintain a healthier, balanced life. Not only does drinking alkaline water as part of a regular daily regimen aid in cleansing the body of acidic waste, but scientists have found that this water has a positive effect upon the health of patients suffering from severe illnesses. Furthermore, it has been shown that alkaline water helps deter morning sickness during pregnancy. As an added benefit, alkaline water is also an antioxidant. Healthy cells are often attacked by destructive free radicals. These free radicals cause cells to break down.  Helpful substances, known as antioxidants, protect cells from free radicals. Alkaline ionized water goes one step further. It actually converts free radicals before they have a chance to damage healthy cells. Alkaline water seeks out free radicals and converts them into necessary oxygen which your body can use. In the US, the Better Health Lab brings such a health-enhancing product to the American population for a very reasonable price.


This specific, high performance filter changes normal tap water into purified (without chlorine) Alkaline Calcium-ion water. A specialized computer system controls the platinum-titanium electrolytic cell, ensuring that the water is separated into alkaline and acidic water. This specific Antioxidant Water Ionize required with high performance filter changes normal tap water into purified (without chlorine) Alkaline Calcium-ion water. The alkaline water from the machine exhibits high pH (typically 8-10 pH), low dissolved oxygen (DO), extremely high dissolved molecular hydrogen (DH), and significantly negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) values. The electrolysis process not only gains an excess amount of electrons (E-) but reduces the clusters of molecules in size from 11-13 which are the size of ordinary tap water to 5-7 which are half that size. This makes Antioxidant Alkaline Water “better” water. Due to its smaller clusters with lower molecular weight, Antioxidant Alkaline Water is rapidly moving and readily absorbed by the body system, It is able to better deliver nutrients to all the cells, tissues, and organs and accelerates metabolism which increased elimination of acidic waste from the body. By drinking alkaline water you enhance your health and you can use the acid water for hygienic and cosmetic purposes.



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