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Why Our Water ?

Alkazone Antioxidant Bottled Water is a premium ultra filtered natural spring water,

that is Alkalized to a pH of +9.5 . Infused with Potassium, Selenium, Magnesium &

Calcium, delivering you an electrolyte ,antioxidant ,mineral rich tasting water that is

superior in taste & quality !


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We took some of the markets leading brands and tested them to see what the pH Level and other nutritional value was in each .The Results clearly show that

Not All Waters Are Created Equal !


*Below Based on 16.9 oz bottle size water and most popular brands.


Brand Packaging Ph Level Minerals Antioxidants Cost
Aquafina Pic 5.35 no no $1.99
Evian 7.64 Yes no $2.99
Fiji 7.6 Yes no $2.99
Smart Water 5.9 Yes no $1.99
Real Alkalized Water 7.9 Yes Yes $2.99
Evamore 9.18 no no $2.99
Penta 5.27 no Yes $2.99
Essentia 9.26 yes no $2.99
Propel Fitness 3.6 Yes no $1.99
Vitamin water 3.24 Yes no $2.99
Dasani 3.04 no no $1.99
Voss 3.72 no no $2.99
Perrier 5.53 no no $2.99
Alkazone Antioxidant Water 9.5 Yes Yes $1.99


** Pricing based on average from on online research as well as random store fronts.